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There's more than one way our users can access content. Whether it's a single publication, a subscription, free streaming, or a related business partner, track what's popular and compensate our publishing partners accordingly.

They can also get their Rifaly access sponsored by being a customer of one of our business partners. No matter what, we track what gets read so we can compensate our publishing partners accordingly.

Here are a few incentives for readers and listeners to discover your content.

Partner Programs

We have telcos, banks, and others who offer Rifaly to their customers and staff.

We work closely with our partners to recommend your newspapers and magazines, develop marketing assets, and build a user experience that their users will love.

Subscription Bundles

Every single Rifaly subscriber is a potential new reader for you

We have a team of brilliant specialists who work specifically with publishers, and they’re here to help you make the most of this highly engaged and rapidly growing audience.

Great Pricing

For the more casual reader who doesn’t need the subscription, it’s easy to buy single newspapers and magazines directly on Rifaly

And because we’re always working to introduce readers to content we think they might love, working with us is a great way to find new customers in unexpected places.

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What they say about Rifaly
Rollercoaster Talk
    rifaly - reviews

We are grateful to be a part of Rifaly which aims at helping content creators like ourselves share our creativity with the world. We’re really inspired by what they’re doing for young creators in Africa.

client Advertising Dar
    rifaly - reviews

Rifaly’s platform has been a game changer for us as one of our distribution channels helping us give more mileage to our advertisers, extend their reach and ensure our advertisers get maximum exposure.

The Guardian
    rifaly - reviews

With Rifaly, we’ve reached more readers than ever, with our revenues soaring to new heights as days go. We are glad to partner with a platform that is continuously trying to emphasize African journalism.